Justice begins where inequality ends Donate Now
Justice begins where inequality ends Donate Now
Justice begins where inequality ends Donate Now

Fight Poverty
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Provides nutritious food, wholesome food, funds, and vocational training to people suffering from lack of it.

Family & Community

Support to families, children, young people, volunteers, refugees, migrants and other individuals with special circumstances.
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Figure out what Gainlove are most deserving of your dollars, what proactive missions are. 

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It’s free of charge to provide service and raise funds. Easily get access to campaigns or projects.

Locals For Locals

A group of donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your money can fund water projects.

Real Impact

Gainlove gives real impact that operating costs so 100% of your money can fund water projects.

Safety Net

A safety network lets your donations and funds guarantee a safe way network and public

Our Missions.

Support People in Extreme Need

Our promise that your giving is doing what it’s supposed to - changing lives.
We go to the extent of meeting the actual people that the nonprofits serve. Yes, they sometimes live in remote villages, but that doesn’t stop us because we take our promise to bring you trustworthy options very seriously.

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We need your help.

Featured Campaigns

It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow you get rid of everything that is not essential to makihave to get bad.

Aïd Al Adha

Reservez-vous 2 récompenses incha-Allah, en faisant votre sacrifice en Afrique : 1- Récompense du sacrifice. 2- Récompense de votre aumône en viande, avec laquelle vous…

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Zakât Al-Mâl

La Zakât ( l'aumône) est une obligation dans la religion musulmane. Elle constitue le troisième palier de l'islam, et il incombe à celui qui a…

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Financer un lampadaire

Avec 700€, vous Offrez à une école, une mosquée, un centre médical, un point d'eau, un éclairage solaire profitable à leur vie nocturne.

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“I realize that school can help me achieve my goals and improve my life.”

Samuel Phelp, Program Alumna, Tanzania
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We Create Lasting
Change in Vulnerable Communities


Social Ventures

Committed to Transparency

84% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children in the countries we serve. So when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting children in poverty.
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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

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Grab all latest news for charity, donations, crowdfunding, fund-raising or new campaigns Gainlove launch.

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L'Association En Quelques Chiffres


Villages bénéficiaires de Puits et Forages


Mosquées réalisées au Burkina et dans les pays limitrophes


Complexes scolaires créés pour l'éducation des enfants.

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